Gujarat elections: Sex CD goes viral, allegation is it features Hardik Patel

Gujarat election Hardik Patel's glory may fizzle out

Gujarat elections: Sex CD goes viral, allegation is it features Hardik Patel

The lack of any evidence suggesting something untoward is happening, particularly in the "sex CD", has prompted a conversation around privacy and what is permissible, with other leaders backing Patel in saying there is no scandal even if it is him in the video. While we wouldn't want to get into the political aspects of it we definitely are anxious about the privacy of one's personal life. The Dalit leader was referring to a 2013 case when then state home minister Amit Shah was accused of misusing his powers and police machinery for illegal surveillance of a young woman in August 2009 at the behest of his "saheb". Check your room properly before starting your act.

Patel said it was a conspiracy against him by the ruling BJP, which was "known to be adept at this".

A Gujarat Congress leader has stoked a controversy with his remarks that Patidar quota agitation spearhead Hardik Patel has the "DNA of Sardar Patel". His supporters claimed the video was morphed. While most of the BJP leadership has itself been careful to not say too much about the tapes, even as Patel blamed the saffron party for its dirty tactics, its support base has happily taken on the task of spreading the videos and screenshots. Patel also said the "character assassination" would not adversely impact the Patidar agitation. National spokesperson of Congress Shaktisinh Gohil said, "BJP has stooped to the level of playing cheap politics to spoil Hardik's image by releasing the sex video". We don't indulge in such dirty games. I m with you.

This cavalier and inconsistent attitude to privacy is reflective of a party that argued in the Supreme Court that Indians don't have a fundamental right to privacy, only to come back after the apex court affirmed the right anyway and say it had supported the idea all along.

Hardik Patel, after going through various documents related to reservation given by the Congress, claimed that it was a misconception that reservation can not go beyond 50 per cent. The Congress is backing the Patidar leader, as the group's agitation is likely to fetch votes for Congress in the assembly elections of 2017. "For the rest of the state that are dominated by Patidar, he has asked us to field strong Congress candidates", a party member informed. After going through various documents and judgements, I now firmly believe that their formula is right.

He said it is not written anywhere in the Constitution that quota can not go beyond 50 per cent. Patel community in Madhya Pradesh was included under OBC quota in 1994. The CD is just out before the Gujarat election which is on December 9 and 14 in two phases.

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