Hariri says Hezbollah must remain neutral to ensure Lebanon moves forward

Saudi Kingdom Council  Handout  Anadolu Agency

Saudi Kingdom Council Handout Anadolu Agency

Hizballah, which forms part of the governing coalition in Lebanon, has openly fought for years alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his six-year civil war against Sunni rebels, and it has also recently put fighters in Iraq to help battle the Islamic State extremist group.

Hariri made his threat in an interview with the French broadcaster CNews. Hezbollah denies playing a military role in Yemen but has fighters in both Iraq and Syria. "One can't say one thing and do something else".

In a statement on Saturday, Qassemi blasted the recent White House statement concerning Saudi Arabia's political gesture and move to open a port and an airport to allow global aid to reach Yemen.

At the time, he announced his decision to "postpone" his previous self-proclaimed resignation, pending talks with the rest of the Lebanese government after President Michel Aoun said he would not consider Hariri's resignation until after a personal meeting.

It is believed that Hariri was forced by Saudi regime to announce his resignation in a bid to topple the Lebanese government.

"Lebanon can not resolve a question like Hizballah, which is in Syria, Iraq, everywhere because of Iran", Hariri told French TV.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi has rejected the USA accusation that Tehran violated the UN Security Council resolutions on Yemen. "It is a regional political solution that needs to be done".

"Disassociation" is widely understood in Lebanon to mean its policy of staying out of regional conflicts. "If we want a policy that is good for the region we shouldn't be interfering".

"I think in the interest of Lebanon, Hizballah is carrying out a positive dialogue".

"In early November, saudi Arabia has accused Iran of" aggression direct" against its territory after the rebels yemeni houthis (shiites) had fired a missile from long range on the saudi arabian authorities say they have neutralized near the worldwide airport of Riyadh.

He said that if this week's consultations ended positively he would possibly modify the make-up of the government and added that he was open to elections before next year.

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