IOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

IOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

IOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

One particular feature that is just now being exploited by the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X is wireless charging.

Mac Rumors was told by RAVPower (a maker of wireless chargers) that iOS 11.2 would be adding 7.5W support. Updating your phone isn't enough to boost your charging speed, however.

Not every wireless charging pad supports the faster 7.5-watt charging rate, meaning you might need to shell out for a new model if you want to take advantage of faster speeds. Using a non-7.5W wireless charger topped the same iPhone X from 46% to 60% in over 30 minutes, which speaks of marginal gains here and there, but gains nonetheless.

The tech giant is set to release its own wireless charger in 2018, although iPhone owners can use third party products now to juice up their handsets.

Faster charging is pretty much always a plus, especially when it comes to wireless charging.

The Qi 1.2 standard is capable of up to 15W so iOS is only tapping 50 percent of the potential of the technology.

When it comes to Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, it feels like in many respects, the company is catching up to features that have always been featured on Android devices. That requires a compatible smartphone, of course, and not all charging pads are compliant with that maximum rate.

Apple had previously said faster speeds would be released in a future update, which seems to be iOS 11.2.

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