Jerry Jones thinks Roger Goodell lied about Ezekiel Elliott

Jerry Jones thinks Roger Goodell lied about Ezekiel Elliott

Jerry Jones thinks Roger Goodell lied about Ezekiel Elliott

Jones appears intent on holding up Goodell's contract extension and potentially pushing him out. Jones has been extremely pro-Goodell over the past few years, right up until the commish made a decision to suspend Elliott for six games.

ESPN's Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. reported Goodell was frustrated with contract negotiations as well.

After joining fellow owners in May in unanimously authorizing the compensation committee to work on a contract extension with Goodell, Jones last month at owners meetings in NY called Goodell's proposed new contract "the most one-sided deal ever", according to OTL, which noted that Goodell has earned more than $200 million since he was elected commissioner in August 2006.

Jones believes he was lied to by Goodell who told him Elliott, who was never charged or arrested in the case, would face no suspension and considers it an unforgivable breach of trust, according to a source.

"I'd say that, on the issue of extending the commissioner's contract that in the spring meeting in Chicago, the owners voted unanimously to authorize the compensation committee to enter in to negotiations and offer the commissioner an extension of his contract through 2024", Lockhart said during a Thursday afternoon media briefing.

The NFL remains in an ongoing battle with Elliott in federal court and it is still a bone of contention with Jones. The Elliott suspension obviously involves one of his star players.

An NFL lawyer called Jones's claims "without merit", noting in particular that the idea of needing a separate ownership-wide vote to approve the committee's proposal violates what's stated in the league's constitution. There's also a chance Jones, who has been vocal in demanding his players stand for the national anthem, is also using this opportunity to snap back at a commissioner who has allowed players to kneel during the pregame tradition without facing discipline.

In the letter, which repeatedly criticized the committee chairman, the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Jones demanded that all owners, not just the committee members, vote on the pay package.

Jones is one of the owners who helped to give Goodell nearly unlimited power in terms of his ability to punish players. "The incentives thing really angers him". They spoke to a source who said Goodell was upset the offer from owners included more performance-based incentives to make up his annual salary.

The Cowboys owner is angry with Goodell over his handling of the still unresolved six-game domestic violence suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott.

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