KENYA: Police attack Odinga's convoy, 2 opposition supporters killed

Government Dismisses Claims of Attempted Assassination on Raila

KENYA: Police attack Odinga's convoy, 2 opposition supporters killed

At least five people were killed Friday in confrontations between Kenyan police and supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga as tensions over the disputed presidential election continued.

There was a security scare on Friday, November 17 when the vehicle carrying opposition chief Raila Odinga was hit by a tear gas cannister.

Witnesses also described protesters throwing stones at police.

Police admitted using tear gas and water cannon but denied the usage of live ammunition.

Police said five people were stoned to death by angry mobs after they had been caught stealing, but several witnesses said police shot them. The leaders were accompanied by a crowd that chanted anti-Jubilee slogans. "Two were stoned along Landies Road, two next to country bus station and one along Racecourse Road", the statement said.

"Sadly, these incidences occurred before the Police arrived at the various scenes".

Yesterday Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, his Rauaraka counterpart TJ Kajwang and Starehe politician Steve Mbogo were arrested as Opposition leaders engaged police in a cat-and-mouse game.

Rights activists condemned the police actions, accusing officers of taking sides in the political crisis and violating the constitution by preventing opposition supporters from assembling. The vote saw Kenyatta win a second, five-year term with 98 percent of the vote that saw only 39 percent of voters take part after Odinga boycotted it.

The opposition leader won an unprecedented court victory overturning the result of the August 8 presidential poll and nullifying President Kenyatta's re-election amid claims of irregularities.

Odinga claimed that the violence was planned by the government to create "an atmosphere of fear and chaos in which the Supreme Court has to make its ruling".

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