Kevin Spacey: Completed Film To Be Shot Again Without Sex Claim Actor

Kevin Spacey: Completed Film To Be Shot Again Without Sex Claim Actor

Kevin Spacey: Completed Film To Be Shot Again Without Sex Claim Actor

Co-stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg will be part of the reshoot, Deadline Hollywood reported. Scott's drastic choice to cut Spacey from the movie will put it at risk of missing its December 22 release date, thus jeopardizing its Oscar eligibility.

He's going to be replaced by Christopher Plummer. The actor, who is facing serious accusations of sexual misconduct, has a notable role in the film, and his involvement has already seen Sony tone down its Oscar promotion for the movie. Those circumstances were dramatically different than the decision that was made today on All The Money In The World. That means Plummer must begin reshoots immediately.

Variety said that Spacey had shot about two weeks of footage and there were many scenes in the film where he was the only actor on screen. His mother tries to persuade Getty to pay the random for her son after Italian gangsters captured him.

The decision follows more sexual misconduct allegations against the Oscar-winner from a woman who says he touched her 18-year-old son in MA last year. Unruh held a press conference, explaining her son was 18 years old when Spacey allegedly his genitals.

Actor Anthony Rapp and Harry Dreyfuss (the son of Richard Dreyfuss) have also said the actor assaulted them, and London police said they were investigating a 2008 sexual assault reportedly linked to Spacey. "I'm beyond horrified to hear his story".

Spacey's former publicist said last week that the actor was "taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment".

Some people took to Twitter after the replacement following the onslaught of sexual assault allegations, claiming Spacey's career might be over.

The allegations have led to his firing from the hit television series House of Cards by the streaming service Netflix, which has also refused to release a film in which Spacey stars as the late American writer and critic Gore Vidal.

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