Mobile and Sprint finally, officially, say they definitely won't merge

T-Mobile and Sprint work to save merger talks WSJ

T-Mobile and Sprint work to save merger talks WSJ

T-Mobile and Sprint are no longer in talks to merge, with the companies saying on Saturday that they were unable to come to terms on an agreement that would have united the third- and fourth-largest USA wireless carriers.

The terms of T-Mobile's new offer were unclear, according to the Journal.

But none of those rumors were confirmed by the companies' chief executives.

To view the full article, register now. "However, we have agreed that it is best to move forward on our own", said Marcelo Claure, Sprint's CEO. Now sources are back saying that T-Mobile is scrambling to save the deal, and that it has sent revised terms to Sprint in hopes that something can be worked out. We know we have significant assets, including our rich spectrum holdings, and are accelerating significant investments in our network to ensure our continued growth.

T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere spoke with Sprint Chief Executive Marcelo Claure on Wednesday, after a T-Mobile board meeting in NY where directors agreed to renew their overtures to Sprint to keep the deal alive, the report said. "However, we have been clear all along that a deal with anyone will have to result in superior long-term value for T-Mobile's shareholders".

Earlier this week, sources claimed SoftBank's board had made a decision to call off the Sprint-T-mobile merger, the reason being an inability to work out ownership terms with T-Mobile's Deutsche Telekom. SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son reportedly did not want to give up control of Sprint.

The companies expected to have a better shot at the merger this year under the Trump administration. "We won't stop now".

Legere said that T-Mobile has "been out-growing this industry for the last 15 quarters, delivering outstanding value for shareholders, and driving significant change across wireless".

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