Nigerian Bobsled Team Will Participate in 2018 Winter Olympics for First Time

Nigeria bobsled women qualify for Winter Olympics

Nigerian Women Become First African Bobsled Team Ever To Qualify For Olympics

The women of the Nigerian Women's Bobsleigh Team join Team Visa's diverse roster of athletes, which includes: Mikaela Shiffrin (USA), Chloe Kim (USA), Gus Kenworthy (USA), Hilary Knight (USA), Oksana Masters (USA), Mark McMorris (Canada), Lee Sang-Hwa (South Korea) and Kamil Stoch (Poland). The fate of Nigeria's eligibility to be represented in the 2018 Winter Olympics rests exclusively on my ability to qualify as a competent driver.

In an interview with CBC, Adigun revealed the team trained for the Olympics by building their own sled out of wood they bought at a hardware store.

Despite their most recent run being on the same track as the famous Jamaican men's team in 1988, they want more than just a movie making about their journey.

Their qualification, make them the first Winter Olympians to represent the West African nation.

Given that no African country has ever competed in the Bobsled, they can be pretty sure that they'll be the best ever at that. "They should be very proud, and I am very proud of them". He now is the president of the Senegalese Ski Federation.

Robel Teklemariam, from Ethiopia, had no initial backing on the pursue of his Olympic dream.

He spent thousands of dollars on phone calls trying to get approval from Ethiopian sports authorities before they finally gave him permission to participate in the 2006 Torino Games. Adigun who actually conceived the idea, and went on to recruit her other team members, described the project as a hard one, but also as one of the most impactful things she will ever initiate. Bobsledders from around the world gave them guidance and support. The Olympic debutants were inspiration for the comedy film Cool Runnings (1993), one of the most popular sports films of recent decades.

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