'No Morals': Twitter Reacts to Emergence of Weinstein's Hitlist

'No Morals': Twitter Reacts to Emergence of Weinstein's Hitlist

'No Morals': Twitter Reacts to Emergence of Weinstein's Hitlist

The Guardian obtained the hit list and published it on Saturday.

At least two individuals could be Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey, who have had numerous allegations of sexual misconduct waged against them over the last several weeks.

The document was reportedly compiled by Weinstein about five months before the October 5 publication by the New York Times of a spate of sexual harassment allegations against the Hollywood producer. Numerous individuals who have come forward with allegations against him are on the list. She broke a non-disclosure agreement in her interview with the Financial Times. Actress Sophie Dix, who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment in a London hotel in 1990, was also named.

Although the Guardian was the first to post an extract of the "hitlist", Ronan Farrow reported on the existence of a list used by Weinstein-hired private investigators in his November 6 The New Yorker report on Weinstein's efforts to track journalists and accusers. Priority figures - ones Weinstein was most keen to target - were apparently coloured in red: McGowan and Madden's names were both highlighted.

This just goes to show another level along with earlier news that Weinstein had hired private investigators and spies to discredit accusers and journalists... Additionally, members of the film community - including those who work in "acquisitions, marketing and distribution... producers, publicists and human resources" - were also added to the list, presumably because they could provide some form of damaging information on Weinstein's open-secret.

Another name on the list was director Brett Ratner, who himself was recently accused of sexual harassment. "Former employees conducting interviews for the book reported receiving unwanted contacts from the media".

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