People are asking if Blake Shelton is really "The Sexiest Man Alive"

People are asking if Blake Shelton is really

People are asking if Blake Shelton is really "The Sexiest Man Alive"

"If only for one year I get to be sexy, I am going to milk this for everything that it's worth".

"I can think of a million more people who are sexier than Blake Shelton the homophobe, including my fiance", another person wrote.

The singer also came under fire in July previous year for speaking favourably about then USA presidential candidate Donald Trump during an interview with Billboard magazine. "We are going to go to Oklahoma first and do a pre-Christmas there; then we're gonna come back to do Christmas at mine", Stefani said. "That used to be ugly, it's officially sexy now".

He added to People magazine: "I think to describe myself as a child, one word comes to mind". Even though Dwayne was forced to relinquish his title, he would like everyone to know that he will always be the sexiest man alive.

The 41-year-old country star said on Thursday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that he considered himself "fat and ugly" his "whole life" until the magazine chose him for its annual issue. Shelton said that they both felt so betrayed at the time.

Shelton was, however, excited to brag about his achievement to Adam Levine, 2013's "Sexiest Man Alive" and fellow judge on The Voice. From getting the hiccups to eating pickles, the singer couldn't help but brag about how hot People thinks he is.

Shelton has been dating pop singer Gwen Stefani for the past two days.

He teased: "You know, I feel bad for her because she has been in the spotlight, and this symbol of beauty, and now this".

You know yall done f**ked up when 99% of the comments on this tweet are girls disagreeing. "I already had scored but now I really scored", she told Access Hollywood Tuesday.

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