Perfect Christmas gift for ranch lovers

Website selling 5 liter kegs of Hidden Valley ranch dressing

Hidden Valley Is Now Selling Kegs of Ranch Dressing

But the keg isn't all, they have a whole holiday collection.

So, why not buy them a keg full of it for the holidays?

The ranch keg stands at around 10 inches tall and apparently holds 5 liters of dressing.

Ranch dressing fans who can't get enough of their favorite condiment are being offered a new way to keep from running out - a mini keg. A special coating inside the keg keeps it fresh.

Flavour Gallery is selling a keg of Hidden Valley Ranch for only $50.

Each keg will cost $50 are now available for pre-order, with shipping beginning on December 11 - right in time for Christmas, New Years and the NFL Playoffs.

Hidden Valley has claimed in the past, through its ranch-funded studies, that at least one-third of American homes have at least some kind of ranch dressing at any given time.

If you think you might run out of ranch dressing, think again.

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