Pokemon Go makers working on new Harry Potter AR game

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Pokemon Go makers working on new Harry Potter AR game

Niantic released a statement about the game that read in part, "Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighborhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies", and that it will cater to "players that have been dreaming of becoming real-life wizards".

Claims that Niantic would make a Harry Potter-themed game were first reported in July 2016 but were dismissed as a hoax, not least because the San Francisco-based developer was still rolling out Pokemon Go at the time.

Published by Niantic and co-developed by Niantic and Warner Bros. The Harry Potter stories have captured imaginations around the globe for more than 20 years.

"Niantic Labs had tremendous success with Pokémon Go, which paired their expertise in building location-based augmented reality mobile experiences with a top-flight IP with a ravenous fan base", TechCrunch wrote. Niantic Labs, the makers of the Pokémon-themed augmented reality game, are now working on one inspired by Harry Potter, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Details on the game are pretty scarce, so it's not clear what the game will involve or what its mechanics will be.

The app will allow players to cast spells, find artifacts, team up and encounter magical beasts and characters from the popular book series. The game called "Maguss" is now on its early alpha stage, although it was not granted any rights to use the same elements found in the "Harry Potter" universe.

Like Pokemon GO, it's pretty safe to assume that Wizards Unite will have a strong community aspect to it.

"But I still don't think they will be essential to the experience".

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