SONY has announced the launch of its new robot dog

Sony aibo robot dog returns finally looks moves like a dog

SONY has announced the launch of its new robot dog

The Aibo has built-in sensors that can detect sounds and images, and fish-eye cameras functioning like eyes that allow it to stay near its owner. Shipments will start on January 11, 2018. The announcement comes a day after Sony confirmed its renaissance by forecasting its highest-ever profit this financial year, sending its shares surging to a nine-year high. We'd wager that Aibo is able to learn commands a lot quicker than real dog. With its owners permission, Aibo can also connect to the cloud and "access the knowledge accumulated from interactions between different owners and their Aibo to become even more clever".

"It was a hard decision to stop the project in 2006, but we continued development in AI and robotics", Kazuo Hirai, Sony's chief executive officer, said in a news briefing.

Aibo has OLED screens for eyes nowadays, eyes that can display its feelings, although it might be better to not give it feelings at all, as it's going to be sad most of the time because it's internet connected now as well. "In addition to Aibo, the entertainment robot revealed today, Sony is also steadily advancing multiple other initiatives in the A.I. and Robotics field", the company said in a statement. New models were released every year until 2005.

Aibo might sound like the ideal addition to your family, but don't get too excited about the possibility: Sony says the next-generation robot dog is only scheduled to launch in Japan. Sony hasn't announced a launch date for the USA market yet. But now, with tech giants marching into artificial intelligence, Sony has chose to get back in the game. Japanese electronics giant Sony's Aibo pet is making a return after more than a decade away. Earlier this year, Sony Education launched its first product, Koov, which aims to teach children coding through building and programming robots using plastic blocks. It also established a venture capital fund to build partnerships with researchers and start-up companies in AI and robotics.

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