Taylor Swift Performs 'New Year's Day' on 'Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon paid an emotional tribute to his late mother on Monday night's episode of "The Tonight Show".

He resumed his hosting duties after he canceled the show last week.

It was a connection that the "Tonight Show" crew didn't even realize existed, as explained by writer and producer Mike DiCenzo on Twitter.

"[Taylor] was not scheduled to do our show today. but we wanted something special for this first show back [after Fallon's mother's death], so we asked her on a complete whim, since she had been in town doing SNL". While she was in the hospital, Fallon said he held his dying mother's hand and did the same thing she used to do when he was young: He squeezed her hand three times before telling her he loved her. "I love you." I was crying.

Jimmy started to tell some heart-warming stories about his mother and tried to hold back tears as he informed his audience of some very intimate memories. "She said yes with zero hesitation", he wrote. "She would squeeze my hand three times to say "I love you" and I would squeeze back, 'I love you too.' Last week, I was in the hospital and I squeezed her hand 'I love you'".

Gloria's advice? "Wash your hands after being near that Paris Hilton", she joked on the show.

"She wasn't allowed to leave her stoop in Brooklyn", the former "Saturday Night Live" star once told NY magazine. It was a attractive coincidence in a handsome performance.

Taylor sat down at the piano to sing the heartfelt song and was accompanied by just an acoustic guitar and some backup singers.

Coincidental or planned, DiCenzo went on to recall the raw emotion that came with the performance and praise the 1989 singer.

Taylor Swift appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show with a new song from "Reputation".

Thank you to Taylor, the Roots, Higgins, our whole staff and crew, and to all the FalPals, fans, and everyone who reached out to and supported Jimmy and his family.

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