Taylor Swift Went Full Pop Star For 'Ready For It' On SNL

Taylor Swift Went Full Pop Star For 'Ready For It' On SNL

Taylor Swift Went Full Pop Star For 'Ready For It' On SNL

"Swift aptly positions ".Ready For It?" as the album opener, bracing listeners for the shots about to be fired, and on the Ed Sheeran and Future-assisted "End Game", Swift raps (yes, raps) about her "big reputation", claiming, "I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me".

Taylor Swift's new Reputation appears to be a marketable one.

Taylor Swift's newest album sold more than 717,000 copies in the U.S.in its first day of release, according to Buzzangle Music, putting the pop star on pace to potentially beat out week-one sales for her previous blockbuster.

In Reputation, fans and music writers saw hints of her ex-boyfriends Calvin Harris and British actor Tom Hiddleston as possible subjects in the tracks "I Did Something Bad" and 'Dancing with Our Hands Tied'.

Notable here was a moment where Taylor combined the lyric about touching her with a sensual movement towards her pelvis.

She then chose "Call It What You Want" as her second performance.

So maybe it's safe to say that the old Taylor isn't completely dead. The results are delightful, in large part because you can tell how proud she is of herself. The singer performed the standard two songs and did not appear in any skits, although she did stand alongside host Tiffany Haddish for the show's curtain call (and, rather oddly, whooped when Haddish thanked her social worker).

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