The NFL is not backing down from Jerry Jones' threats

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

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An update on the current petty infighting among the NFL's most powerful men, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal: multiple team owners have reportedly discussed the possibility of removing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over his recent threat to sue the league, part of his attempt to block a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell.

The letter was sent to Jones' attorney, David Boies, who Jones hired recently to try and ratchet up the tension on the NFL.

Jones has threatened to sue the league if the committee approves an extension, saying it should be reviewed and approved by all owners.

The letter accuses Jones of sabotaging the negotiations in the latest round of the escalating feud between Jones and Goodell.

Owners accused Jones of, among other things, circulating "outdated" information about the talks in a campaign to slow or scuttle agreement on a new pact with Goodell.

It was revealed last weekend that Goodell requested a salary of approximately $49.5 million, a private jet and lifetime health insurance of his family last August. But then Goodell suspended Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games - Elliott dropped his appeal on Wednesday night, coincidentally, and will serve out the suspension.

The hiring of the high-powered Boies was a public sign that Jones is ready to go to the mattresses by himself if need be, crusading for his own interests even as his counterparts believe him to be hurting the larger business. Jones contends that another vote of the owners is needed. While all 32 owners voted for an extension, it's now up to the competition committee to decide the compensation for Goodell.

Jones is taking shots and now some other football barons are lobbing salvos of their own. On Monday they sent Jones a cease-and-desist notice. He has owned the Cowboys since 1989.

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