Transgender candidate Danica Roem wins historic Virginia race


Transgender candidate Danica Roem wins historic Virginia race

The Washington Post reports that Danica Roem, a 33-year-old Democratic candidate whose résumé includes journalism experience as well as the lead-singer position in the metal band Cab Ride Home, has unseated 25-year incumbent Robert G. Marshall after a deeply personal campaign that was treated as a referendum on everything from local traffic to national gender norms. I never ran away from them. In that time, Marshall wrote an anti-gay marriage amendment and sponsored Virginia's transgender bathroom bill (which infamously banned students from using the bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity and required administrators to out trans kids to their parents), as well as a ban on gay people serving in the National Guard-just lots and lots of terrible stuff.

In the election, Roem beat out Republican opponent Bob Marshall, one of Virginia's socially conservative lawmakers and the man that pushed to pass a transgender "bathroom bill", which would have required people to use the restroom corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. "This is why I ran".

"No matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love, if you have good public policy ideas, if you're qualified for office, you have every right to bring your ideas to the table", she said. He refused to debate Roem and referred to her as a male throughout the campaign. She was a reporter at the Gainesville Times for 9 years (plus 2 months and 2 weeks, to be exact) before running for office, and also worked as a news editor for the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland.

Roem told FOX 5 she believes her victory says voters want the changes she promised, and she's already started her quest to fulfill them. The Seattle Times reported that Durkan won 61 per cent of the vote Tuesday night.

"Danica Roem's historic victory is a clear warning to anti-equality lawmakers across the country that the days of attacking LGBTQ people to scare up votes are over", said HRC President Chad Griffin. We also see her lawn signs, which read "Fix Route 28 Now!"

"I believe in accountability".

The delegate-elect also stressed that she doesn't need money from for-profit corporations to be a success in Richmond, and she won't take them.

To put things into perspective, Marshall, has earned the name the LGBT community has given him: "Bigot Bob".

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