Twitter expands character cap to 280

(TWTR) said that users can send tweets with as many as 280 characters, double the current limit.

Twitter confirmed that the changes will be rolling out in various languages except for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, in which space limitations have not been an issue. Most notable about this Twitter change truly is, by the time you get to the end of what it would have been the previous tweet, and you realize, 'Oh I shouldn't have read that, ' you're only halfway through. As a further blow to all the 140 diehards out there, the company removed the number-based character count from the bottom right of the "compose new Tweet" box and replaced it with a circle.

Celtic, for example, used their first 280-character tweet to re-emphasise their longstanding spell of dominance in Scottish football. And for reference, this paragraph is exactly 280 characters. "A few users even exploited the stage's display name extension by changing their names to include "#wouldpreferthatyoubannazis".

"We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters; they tweeted more easily and more often". Meant to also allow users more freedom of expression, the change wasn't exactly well-received by most users. The Justice Ministry's social media team, for one example, found clear glee in tweeting the previously prohibitive "Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz", which runs 63 characters - 65 with a space on each side - making it Germany's longest word. According to the company, the move has been put in motion to try and draw in more users and boost engagement of the social network.

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