Twitter to roll out 280-character tweets worldwide

Image Source Twitter

Image Source Twitter

Many people had pointed out that 280 characters, despite what chief executive Jack Dorsey said in his own longer tweet announcing the change, just doesn't lend itself to the same focus.

The change will be in effect for most languages "where cramming was an issue". Though most Twitter users have long since adapted to expressing their thoughts in a more concise manner, the social media giant clearly feels there's room for improvement.

Twitter even tweeted the announcement, and did it in under 140 characters.

During the first few days of the test many people Tweeted the full 280 limit because it was new and novel, but soon after behavior normalized (more on this below).

Twitter originally hit on the 140-character limit as a nod to the character limits placed on early text messages, when it was founded in 2007. This means people probably spent time editing down their tweets or not sending them out at all. In a company blog post, Twitter Product Manager Aliza Rosen explained the new character limit would apply to all languages except for Japanese, Chinese and Korean, because those languages already allow their native speakers to convey roughly twice the amount of information in one character compared with many other languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. That's all well and good, but what's the damn point of expanding the character limit if only 5% of tweets are taking advantage of it? This shows that more space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a Tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before. The change is rolling out "over the next few hours", a Twitter spokesperson told International Business Times Tuesday afternoon. In most cases, it doesn't seem like most people are actually increasing the length of their tweets; we have apparently been trained well. "But that didn't happen. for reference, in the timeline, Tweets with an image or poll usually take up more space than a 190 character Tweet".

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