Warren Takes Back Claim Democratic Nomination Was Rigged

Donna Brazile Nancy Pelosi

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"(Tuesday) night's election results across the country, including in MA, showed us that Republicans had money and power", she said.

It's logical to believe the revelations in the new book because everyone knows that Hillary is a creep and a nasty person, and we all saw the rigging of the Democrat primary campaign against her opponent, plus Donald Trump made the primary rigging a major part of his speeches during the entire campaign season. She said she tried to be fair.

A spokeswoman for Warren later told MassLive that Warren believes, as she said last week, that the DNC was rigged, but that the primary itself was not.

Meanwhile, Clinton and her allies have pushed back hard against Brazile's description of events.

Brazile, a longtime party strategist, was thrust into the DNC leadership position in July 2016 amid party turmoil and leaked emails showing committee staffers mocking Sanders and his campaign.

Audience members say they appreciated her candor. But do these off-year election results mean a true comeback for the Democratic party?

She added, "Don't make me cry this morning". Bernie Sanders. She wrote that she promised Sanders she would find proof of "whether or not Hillary's team had rigged the party process in her favor so that only she could win the nomination".

"For her it's just coming clean to some degree I'm not sure she did the right thing". Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other rivals.

"I'm happy she wrote the book".

Brazile said Democrats need to give everyone an equal chance in primaries, support local grassroots campaigns in all 50 states, and keep young voters engaged during off election cycles.

Although Brazile is also now claiming that the primary was fair, an excerpt of her book published last week in Politico suggests otherwise.

Brazile also said the nation needs to take immediate action to stop hacking and interference from foreign operatives in US elections.

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