Z Speaks On Meek Mill Prison Sentence "It's Unjust"

Z Speaks On Meek Mill Prison Sentence

Z Speaks On Meek Mill Prison Sentence "It's Unjust"

A judge delivered Mill's sentence on the basis of reckless driving and assault charges earlier in the year.

However, Mill's plea did not make the judge change her decision and she ordered him to be taken into custody. To many, the sentence seemed stiff, especially considering the violation came as a result of two arrests for crimes that he was eventually acquitted for, and the parole was for a crime that occurred nearly a decade ago.

While Jay-Z's Roc Nation company manages Meek Mill, the former has also become a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform.

This saga began in 2008, when Meek Mill was charged with drug and gun possession and sentenced to 11-23 months in prison. The judge confessed that she had been trying to help the rapper for about a decade but Mill appears to do what he wants to do, reports said.

These are believed to be the fifth and sixth probation violations by Meek Mill in the last eight years. His career kick-started after his 2009 release from prison. Incarceration is supposed to be an all-else-fails punishment for the country's most unsafe people, not a place for guys who fail to report their travel plans or ride dirt bikes where they're not supposed to.

Tacopina and Brian McMonagle, another one of Meek's attorneys, have said that they plan on appealing the rapper's sentence. "Then I'll be done with you", Brinkley added, according to Philly.com. Oftentimes, those campaigns are silly and ill-informed.

The sentence was unexpected as prosecutors recommended Mill not be imprisoned for the probation violations, mentioning he's been drug-free since January and has complied with most requirements of probation.

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