Zimbabweans in SA tell Zuma to back off

Zimbabweans in SA tell Zuma to back off

Zimbabweans in SA tell Zuma to back off

President Jacob Zuma is "cautiously optimistic" regarding the political turmoil in South Africa's northern neighbour Zimbabwe, he said on Saturday.

He called the meetings his envoys held with Mugabe and officials from the Zimbabwean armed forces "fruitful" while reiterating his support for the people of Zimbabwe during "this hard period".

The Secretary-General welcomed the efforts initiated by the Southern African Development Community to facilitate a peaceful solution to the situation.

Zuma made the comments in the South African city of Durban as thousands of Zimbabweans celebrated the expected downfall of President Robert Mugabe in the streets of Harare.

"The military intervention, which political sources say could pave the way to a national unity government after 37 years of Mugabe rule, has presented "an opportunity to put Zimbabwe on a path to peace and prosperity", Khama told journalists".

Khama's sentiments come ahead of a special SADC Heads of States meeting set to be held in Botswana next week to discuss the tense political situation in Zimbabwe.

The group wouldn't outright back President Robert Mugabe, only saying the constitution must be upheld and protected. Zuma said both of the envoys he had sent to Harare had "fruitful" meetings with Mugabe, some government ministers, and leaders of the ZDF. Mugabe is reported to have agreed to leave power in principle after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized power in the early hours of Wednesday.

"Although it's early days, we are cautiously optimistic that the situation will be resolved amicably", said Zuma.

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