Apple Pay Cash is now up and running

Apple Pay Cash card settings in the Wallet app on iPhone

Tap the Info button to add cash to your card

Users have also reported problems with Face ID in iPhone X after updating, but most have found a reboot after installation clears up the problem.

Apple Pay Cash requires iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2, on an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or later, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPad (5th gen), iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Apple announced it in June during its developer's conference. In fact, it is the fix to this issue that is believed to be the reason the release of the update has been brought forward.

Another aspect with the latest update is that it comes with the fix for the date bug that caused iOS 11.1.2 devices to crash after December 2. Transfers go straight to your virtual Pay Cash card, so there's no need for additional apps.

As with the initial rollout of Apple Pay itself, Apple Pay Cash is now limited to the US. The money can be spent anywhere Apple Pay is accepted and that is pretty much everywhere at this point. Open iMessage. Tap the App Store icon. If you are using HealthKit, you will find downhill snow sports distance as a data type.

Square Cash is another Apple Pay Cash rival.

Apple Pay Cash default debit card in Wallet
Wallet showing your default Apple Pay Cash card and alternate card choices

You can use Apple Pay Cash right away, but to prevent future issues and for a smoother experience, it's best to verify your identity with Apple right away.

You can also invoke Siri and send money, by saying, "Send $10 to John". Then, of course, agree to the terms and conditions of the service. The service was not available at launch on the weekend, Apple has now enabled it.

Those who are deaf and hearing impaired can now use their iOS hardware with RTT captioning services, and snow sports enthusiasts can now use HealthKit to track downhill activity (i.e. snowboarding and skiing). The feature, which Apple debuted Monday, lets people digitally transfer cash into another user's Apple Pay wallet for things like splitting a bar bill after a night on the town in addition to paying for purchases at online and physical retailers that accept Apple Pay. Users can link their bank account or debit card to the app for transactions.

You can always choose from which account to fund your payment.

Business Insider characterizes Apple Pay Cash as a "Venmo Killer", which remains to be seen. When users get paid, the money stays on the Apple Pay Cash card. The minimun amount is US$10.

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