Brown University Graduate Students Protest GOP Tax Plan

Harvard graduate student Jack Nicoludis, who helped organize a campus protest on Wednesday says the House tax bill would more than double his taxes.

Brown University Graduate Students Protest GOP Tax Plan

And at the California Institute of Technology, Celeste Labedz is using seismology to understand glaciers. GET-UP member and Biomedical Graduate Studies Ph.D. student Liv Harding said she reached Toomey's voicemail and left a message telling him to vote against the tax plan.

UO graduate students said they are protesting the House of Representatives' proposal to eliminate a long-standing tax exemption for tuition waivers.

HOUGHTON, MI- Graduate Student Government at Michigan Technological University is joining a nationwide walkout Wednesday.

"Tuition waiver" is the term for the provision in current tax code that allows students to exclude tuition costs covered by their university from their taxable income. The House bill views that tuition as income. "The tuition that grad students pay is a mere accounting fiction", she said.

As Congress moves forward on passing a new federal tax bill, Will Barclay doesn't have to look far to see the consequences for some of the proposals affecting higher education.

Many grad students are already living at or below the poverty line, with reports that many can not afford groceries without food stamps. Then, we extrapolated these analyses for family structures typical of graduate students, using relevant historical and proposed tax structures.

The silent "work-in" was allegedly staged "to demonstrate how vital" the work of Penn graduate students is. About 60 percent of them, he said, were studying science, technology, engineering and math - areas of critical need to drive the nation's economy.

In a written statement, the Council of Alberta University Students expressed excitement about the announcement. Several said they feared tax increases would cause a brain drain of American researchers fleeing to Europe. Under the GOP tax plan that tuition would be counted as income."It's nearly two months worth of stipends in taxes if you count four and a half months in a semester so that is an incredible amount. For many graduate students, this could mean the end of their education", Hadley said.

Additionally, the letter stated the legislation would inhibit the universities' ability to issue advanced refunds to refinance debt at lower rates.

As she started to do the math, tears welled up. "While the platitudes are nice and I appreciate them, I want to see more, and I think the attitude here is, we want to see more specific promises on behalf of the University".

The House passed the tax reform bill on November 17th, 2017.

Continuing the freeze on tuition and fees through the 2018-19 academic year will keep post-secondary education affordable and accessible for 250,000 full and part-time students and apprentices, the Government of Alberta said Thursday. Students protested at all nine of UC's undergraduate campuses Wednesday.

About 145,000 graduate students benefited from a waiver in 2012, the most recent data available.

The GSO says those cuts could have impacts outside of the university, as well. The bill would repeal the deduction for interest on student loans, which 12 million taxpayers claimed in 2015. However, it is now not part of the bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate.

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