Clock's ticking to get those packages shipped in time for Christmas

As Christmas approaches Canada's shipping and mail centres are flooded and customers are expected to wait for their packages. Canada Post will deliver over 50 million packages during the holiday season

Clock's ticking to get those packages shipped in time for Christmas

It's the busiest day of the busiest week for the Post Office. "Ground is pretty much you know, around MS, you know, Alabama, you can get it there still this week, but you're really pushing for time today", says UPS Store Clerk, Teaerra Frison. "We've been doing it for 242 years, so they know we've got Christmas down pat". Darla Swanson of the U-S Postal Service says mail volume is expected to be up this year over last.

Christmas is fast approaching and with each passing day, your choices on how to ship your gifts become more limited.

Post offices are in high gear to get Christmas packages delivered on time for the holiday. "So based on today, we're way over that this year". You can expect that throughout the week. "We've been delivering Sundays for the last couple of weeks as well".

Swanson says Thursday will likely be the busiest delivery day... "I looked at the calendar the other day, and I was like, 'It's only 10 days away, are you kidding me?'"

Hudson says procrastinators can create some issues for the post office, but there is a plan in place for that as well.

"Starting last year and this year I do a lot more buying online because you can find more things it seems like that can fit your needs so you can Google anything and find it so I probably do more", said Denise Calcaterra. "I'm being a last-minute Lucy". Their busy times are at open and around lunchtime.

Ashley Alvarez, 32, came in with about a dozen packages - each wrapped in decorative paper and bows - that needed to get in Tampa in time to be opened Christmas morning.

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