Ex Stanford University Swimmer Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Ex Stanford University Swimmer Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Ex Stanford University Swimmer Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Brock Turner, 22, was convicted in March a year ago of sexually assaulting the woman after they drank heavily at a fraternity party at the university campus in California in January 2015.

The New York Daily News reported on Saturday, December 2, that lawyers for the former Stanford University swimmer described his first trial as a "detailed and lengthy set of lies" and also claimed that Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky "neglected to tell jurors to consider lesser criminal charges".

Turner was charged after two fellow Stanford students witnessed the assault taking place in January 2015. He was 19 at the time.

Camera IconStanford rapist Brock Turner has been banned from swimming for life.

Turner was convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious person, sexual assault of an intoxicated person and sexual assault with intent to commit rape.

The main key to Turner's request for a new trial is the statement the prosecutor was said to have made repeatedly made during trial, saying the assault occurred "behind the dumpster".

Camera IconBrock Turner's mugshot from night of initial arrest.

Multhaup told CNN he had no further comment about "the unfairness of the conviction" beyond what was written in the appeal.

John Tompkins, Turner's legal adviser, said they were appealing because they believe what happened at the campus was not a crime and that the facts do not reflect the verdict.

"It happened, but it was nowhere close to crime", he said.

Camera IconBrock Turner is seen smoking from a bong and a hash pipe in images taken from his phone.

Turner's lawyers point out that the victim - referred to as Emily Doe in the trial - was found instead in an open area near a basketball court. The sentence was generally censured for being too light, starting across the country dissents.

Turner was released for good behaviour after serving just three months.

They are requesting a new trial in hopes of overturning his convictions, which require him to become a permanently registered sex offender.

Persky's decision to sentence Turner to just six months in county jail - at the recommendation of a probation officer - and the victim's impassioned 12-page statement about her ordeal drew national outrage, including an ongoing effort to recall him.

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