Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 Delayed

Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 Delayed

Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 Delayed

Originally slated for launch on 16th March 2018, The Crew 2 will now go on sale sometime during the first half of the 2018 fiscal year. Ubisoft is delaying a number of titles including an unannounced franchise from Fiscal 2018-19 to Fiscal 2019-20. "As expected, this had a very positive impact on the game's quality and largely participated to its commercial success", he added.

Ubisoft says that the additional development time will allow it "to continue running test phases and allow as many of you as possible to get hands-on with the game".

Far Cry 5 - formerly February 27, 2018.

"Our vision for The Crew 2 has always been ambitious; to really surprise players by pushing the boundaries of the open-world racing genre to the limit". We've just had an Assassin's Creed so it's not that, so maybe Watch Dogs 3, or The Division 2. The two big hitters we already know about haven't had massive delays, but the mysterious new game has been delayed by a whole fiscal year.

Ubisoft's Worldwide Studios Executive Director Christine Burgess-Quémard issued an official statement regarding the delays, saying the extra time will be used to deliver a more "engaging" gaming experience. Ubisoft didn't go into detail about this title but did mention it's a "franchise" game.

Ubisoft has had a strong 2017, with multiplayer hits like "Rainbow Six: Siege" continuing to hold players' attention while mostly single-player titles like "Assassin's Creed Origins" and "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle" have achieved financial and critical success alike.

Pushing back the release by a month shouldn't anger fans too much, especially after Ubisoft has shown the level of quality possible with a little bit of extra time.

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