Father detonated grenades in court! More than 2 people were killed


  The blasts took place during a murder trial in Nikipol

DS The blasts took place during a murder trial in Nikipol

The father of a murder victim detonated two hand grenades in a courtroom in the Ukrainian city of Nikopol on Thursday and died in the explosion, police said.

The father was killed instantly, and one of the defendants, a man born in 1977, later died of his injuries in the hospital.

The explosions happened right after the announcement of a break in the criminal case of the 2016 death of a man.

According to BBC, nine people were injured in total, including two other defendants, two guards, a court official and civilians. The father reportedly set off the grenades after a judge recessed the hearing because one of the lawyers was absent.

Three defendants were among those injured.

The courtroom door hangs off one hinge following the dual grenade blasts.

As BBC reported, the defendants in the murder trial are accused of opening fire on a auto and killing two passengers, which included the son of the father who detonated the two grenades.

Releasing a public statement and images on Facebook, Dnipropetrovsk regional police said investigations were under way as to how the father smuggled the grenades into the courtroom.

Another two wounded persons were switched to ambulatory medical care, she said.

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