Google announces Android Oreo Go at the Google for India event

Google announces Android Oreo Go at the Google for India event

Google announces Android Oreo Go at the Google for India event

Google also announced that Files Go will be offered as a part of suite of apps on the upcoming Android Oreo (Go edition) phones scheduled for sale in early 2018.

While Google has not yet released the names of the manufacturing partners it is working with, the first set of smartphones powered by Oreo (Go Edition) will be launched in a few months from now.

And don't worry: The Go Edition sports numerous signature features of its parent, Android Oreo, including Google Play Protect, which scans app downloads for malware. The Android Oreo (Go edition) has been created to work with either 512MB or 1GB of RAM. It's available in the Google Play store for any Android phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer, reported the German news agency (DPA). Fast forward to December 2017 and Android Oreo gets the Go treatment, ready for use by device manufacturers. Also, thanks to the storage optimizations, preinstalled Google apps take about 50% lesser space.

Before you confuse Android Go with Android One, let's make things clear - Android One is a program where device manufacturers work with Google to get the optimum Android experience on midrange smartphones, whereas Android Go is a lightened version of the mainstream Android OS that any device manufacturer can help themselves with for extremely affordable smartphones.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users, Google, in a blogpost said, "Every day, millions of smartphones run out of space". For example, navigation and directions on Google Maps will now come with a two-wheeler mode, which will show commuters routes through narrow alleys where bikes or scooters can easily venture. Google has also added a Go version of the Play Store, that will offer lightweight apps. The new customized Go app is said to consume 40 percent less data.

Announcing The Google Assistant for the JioPhone, Gummi Hafsteinsson, Product Management Director said, "For the first time ever globally, the Google Assistant will be available on a feature phone".

Google touts the Assistant for JioPhone as a special version designed for the JioPhone, and of course, it's built for India. It will come with Google Play Protect, the built-in mobile security that keeps the app and data safe and will also have find my device feature built-in. However, that is not all that Google announced.

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