Google Maps India gets two-wheeler mode

The roll-out can be noticed on certain Android devices running

The roll-out can be noticed on certain Android devices running

At the third annual "Google for India" event in Delhi, the company rolled out 2-wheeler mode for Google Maps in India. The new travel mode in Google Maps in India is seen alongside Drive, Train or Bus and Walk alternatives. "It is now available in India starting today, with plans to roll out the feature in other countries in the coming months".

Just like the other modes, it will show you road closures, heavy traffic areas, and routes that a two-wheeler can go through but where cars cannot squeeze through of course. India is the fourth largest motorcycle riding nation in the world (after Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan), so it makes sense that they're one of the first pilots for this. Also, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has recently commented about India playing an important role in improving Google Maps and other Google products. In a similar situation, a vehicle owner would navigate to his destination using Google Maps. The new feature has started rolling-out in Google Maps today and should be available on all devices.

Martha Welsh, Director Google Maps said, "India is the world's largest two-wheeler market and the navigation needs of these millions of riders are different from automobile drivers". Mashable notes that Google Maps' motorbike routing feature will also offer users transit time estimates that are better suited to their vehicle type, helping them better estimate how long it will take them to get to their destination. Since Indian roads are dominated by the two-wheelers and there are certain routes which can only accommodate them instead of cars, a feature like this is of great help to the two-wheeler commuters of the county.

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