Google shuts down Chrome 'apps' section on Mac and Windows

Chrome Apps are dead, as Google shuts down the Chrome Web Store section

Progressive Web Apps will Replace Google Chrome Apps in 2018

As the web giant focuses on extensions and web apps, Chrome Apps are no longer available to download on the Chrome Web Store. Well, almost a year-and-half later Google has completed the job and now, Chrome browser will not be able to access or install any apps from the store. However, Apps will still be available on Chrome OS-powered devices, like Chromebooks, and they're accessible via direct links to their Chrome Web Store pages.

In a change from the original plan, Google won't immediately remove Chrome Apps support on Windows, Mac, and Linux by Q1 2018. "Packaged apps", which were the more powerful applications which were capable of running in the background and could access ports on the device. Hosted apps function mostly like webpage bookmarks which could be conveniently pinned across parts of the user interface.

The Chrome browser will continue to load packaged and hosted apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux beyond the previously announced deprecation timeline. However, Chrome users who just browse the web will still be able to download and install extensions and themes. Google hasn't announced anything yet for Chrome OS, but it's likely that Chrome apps might go away, too. PWAs use the modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to the web or desktop users. With the shutdown of Chrome Apps, Google is working to bring Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. An example of a PWA is a website that can display webpages in fullscreen. But when it does, it'll mean that PWAs are supported across Chrome and Android devices, which does make you wonder if that's the future of the splintered dual operating system.

Google is now looking forward to bring the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. "Another update will be posted here when a new date for the Chrome Apps EOL on Windows, Mac, and Linux has been finalized". Google a year ago in August said, "There are two types of Chrome apps: packaged apps and hosted apps".

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