House of Cards Resuming Production in Early 2018 Without Spacey

House of Cards’ to resume taping minus star Kevin Spacey

House of Cards Resuming Production in Early 2018 Without Spacey

She has co-starred with Spacey as his character Frank Underwood's wife Claire in the last five seasons of the hit show.

Killing off Spacey's character would actually follow the original United Kingdom version of House of Cards, since the Frank Underwood of that series (named Francis Urquhart) was assassinated in the final chapter of the trilogy, The Final Cut. Production on these episodes will kick off early next year, and we're starting to get a good sense as to how the show is going to work in the wake of Kevin Spacey's firing amid a sexual harassment and abuse scandal.

Sarandos said there would be eight episodes and that they would be produced in 2018.

Sarandos said the lifting of the Cards suspension will not only bring closure but return 370 people who work for the show to their jobs.

Netflix Inc severed ties in November with Spacey, one of its biggest stars who played fictional US president Frank Underwood in "House of Cards", after accusations of sexual misconduct against the Oscar-winning actor.

During a conference today, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed that the show will continue and that the upcoming season has been reworked to have Claire Underwood at the centre of the show. As more allegations surfaced, Spacey's representative told the press that the actor was seeking treatment. CNN also reported that eight current and former "House of Cards" employees, who were not identified, alleged sexual misconduct against Spacey.

Last week MRC producers had informed "House of Cards" cast and crew that the hiatus on season 6 would be extended through December 8 and that the crew will continue to be paid during the break.

Netflix had also worked with Spacey on a movie in which the actor stars as the late writer Gore Vidal.

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