How the captaincy fight could shape the future of Bigg Boss 11

Suyyash blasted Hina for her lack of gratitude for Shilpa and said that she could have said that politely

Suyyash blasted Hina for her lack of gratitude for Shilpa and said that she could have said that politely

There will be no captain for the coming week inside the Bigg Boss house, which exposes everyone to an equal possibility of being nominated for eviction.

The teammates now with supervising of the host commonly go ahead and blame Arshi also consider her responsible for the same.

Shilpa said that Vikas is playing the dirty game in the Bigg Boss house and Puneesh further tells to Akash that no matter what but Puneesh will be always there to support Shilpa and stands by her.

However, the publicist of Arshi, Flynn Remedios has somehow managed to save her as they have got a stay order from the court till 15th January, 2018 after which the show will get over.

Salman and Mouni also play some fun task and Salman further declares that they shall be holding the eviction process which will be turned to be most awesome and unique in the entire history of Bigg Boss 11. After Arshi Khan sees what has happened behind her back, Hina and Vikas get the chance to know the truth. Vikas lashes out at Priyank and Luv for their behavior and tries to ignore Hina. Arshi, Shilpa and Luv raise their hands. Bigg Boss also shows Vikas's full footage to Shilpa and after looking at it, she is convinced that he was unable to corner her in the house despite his best efforts. Hina gets stunned with the same and Shilpa became happy for Luv. Shilpa says that after this week, she doesn't deserve to become the captain again. And he was also ready for Shilpa's captaincy as Shilpa never became a captain. However, Arshi rejects all the nominations and decides not to step down from her position. Hence, when the team of four isn't able to choose two contenders for the next captain, Bigg Boss cancels the task and terminates Arshi's captaincy. When Bigg Boss asks Arshi if they have chosen new names, Arshi says that they couldn't decide the names. Who do you think will be evicted tonight? At the end of the game, Salman declared Hiten Tejwani, Shilpa, Luv and Priyank to be nominated for eviction. This week Salman told the contestants that none of them can agree on anything. There are also rumours inside the house that Luv has one-sided feelings for the actress.

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