Hurt in Ski Lift Malfunction at Central Pennsylvania Mountain

5 Hurt in Ski Lift Malfunction at Central Pennsylvania Mountain Reports

Alexis Wainwright WJAC Channel 6 Johnstown

We have contacted the manufacturer of the lift to diagnose what caused the malfunction, as well as the appropriate state agencies prior to re-opening.

Tussey Mountain, having just opened for the season Saturday, also dispelled rumors of a collapse, claiming all chairs are still attached and all towers still stand.

The wife of a reported victim tweeted in response saying: "My husband, your employee is sitting here in the ER".

"At the time the office was notified of a lift malfunction and when this original tweet was made, we were under the impression it was exclusively a lift issue and there were no injuries". "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused to all of our skiers and snowboarders".

Police said it took 90 minutes to evacuate the chair lift, including people who were stranded aloft when the lift was stopped. It's located near State College.

Twitter users responded angrily to a tweet the mountain's staff sent out immediately after the accident which included the hashtag "sorry". A police officer noted that the ski patrol handled the situation well.

About five chairs slid backwards and slammed into each other, pinning skiers against each other. A half dozen ambulances were at the scene in addition to multiple area fire departments after initial reports came in that skiiers were trapped on the lift.

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