JAL buys into Branson's supersonic plane dream

Centennial's Boom Supersonic partners with Japan Airlines on orders, $10M investment

JAL aims to go supersonic with investment in Boom Supersonic

07 December 2017, 00:13As part of the agreement, JAL has made a strategic investment of Dollars 10 million in Boom and is collaborating with the company to refine the aircraft design and help define the passenger experience for supersonic travel.

Japan Air also took an option to purchase as many as 20 of the aircraft Boom is developing.

Boom's aircraft design is meant to be able to achieve speeds of Mach 2.2 during regular cruising flight, and can traverse up to 8,334 km on a single tank with seating for up to 55 customers with Business Class-type comfort and accommodations - as well as airfares in line with current Business Class pricing, despite cutting travel times drastically.

One US startup named Boom Technology is been trying to build a supersonic passenger jet. The prototype "Baby Boom" is being built now to be ready for flight in 2018. But he said the business case of a hypersonic jet still need to be proved. By relying on non-afterburning engines, composite structures and existing technology, the Boom airliner will be created to operate at a quarter of the costs of Concorde. Our seats will be at the same price as a normal business class or first class seat and you can fly from Dubai to London in four and a half hours. We're excited to have an option on Boom's first 10 airframes.

Boom formed in 2014 it says it has also secured reservations for its first 25 aircraft at $200m a plane.

Branson's spaceship company, Virgin Galactic, is working with Denver-based Boom to develop its XB-1 jet, which will fly at 1,451mph, 100mph faster than Concorde.

By contrast Concorde, which was in service from 1976 to 2003 was only ever ordered by two airlines: British Airways and Air France.

Today Black Scholl, Boom's founder and chief executive, added: "We've been working with Japan Airlines behind the scenes for over a year now".

"Through this partnership, we hope to contribute to the future of supersonic travel with the intent of providing more "time" to our valued passengers while emphasizing flight safety", JAL president Yoshiharu Ueki said.

The agreement has JAL collaborating with Boom Supersonic to refine the aircraft design and help define the passenger experience for supersonic travel, the airline said. The carrier relisted on the Tokyo bourse two years later.

JAL received a government bailout after a high-profile bankruptcy restructuring in 2010.

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