Journalist or Foreign Agent?

Media-foreign agents will not be deprived of accreditation

Media-foreign agents will not be deprived of accreditation

"We call on the Justice Ministry to immediately reverse its anti-press action and to allow a free flow of news in the country".

In a video statement, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty President Tom Kent said it was unclear how the organisation would be affected by the moves and that it would "study carefully" communications from Russian Federation.

The affiliates include Radio Free Europe's news outlets dedicated to Crimea, which Russian Federation annexed from Ukraine, and a television channel run jointly by Radio Free Europe and Voice of America called Current Time TV.

Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan on her Telegram account said that "the Department of State has taught us [Russia] that foreign agent laws serve only the ideals of transparency". But the Russian State Duma, the lower house of parliament, planned on Wednesday to ban reporters from any US media declared as foreign agents, following a decision by the US Congress to ban RT last month. "As far as we understand, this concerns at least nine to ten American media outlets".

Under that law, "foreign agents" must include in any information they publish or broadcast to Russian audiences a mention of their "foreign agent" designation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law in November that allowed the government to list foreign media operating in the country, in what was claimed to be retaliation for the U.S. measures.

Russia's law on foreign agents, which in the past has been used on non-governmental organisations critical of the Kremlin, requires the organisations to label their publications as coming from a foreign agent.

Russian leaders say that in the drama surrounding RT, they are the ones defending free speech.

In the USA, a committee governing Capitol Hill access for broadcast journalists withdrew credentials for Russia's state-funded RT television after it complied with a US demand that it register as a foreign agent.

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