Patriots ban Tom Brady's trainer from sideline, team plane

Tom Brady Patriots

Tom Brady Patriots

But the Globe reported Belichick has banned Guerrero, 52, from team planes and the sidelines and, other than Brady, the trainer can not treat players in his stadium office, moves, the report said, that have created friction within the club.

Matt Burke of said if the rift affects Belichick's relationship with Brady, Patriots team owner Robert Kraft might side with the quarterback, leaving the head coach with no choice but to leave the team.

The Boston Globe did some digging on the subject, and found that Guerrero's role has been greatly reduced in recent weeks by Belichick, risking the wrath of Brady in the process. And as such, his constant presence has previously drawn complaints from the Patriots' medical and training staff, according to a 2015 report from the Boston Globe. He was cleared of wrongdoing in a 2014 letter instructing him to abide by state regulations while supervising licensed therapists at the TB12 Center. He also can no longer treat any other players in the locker room beyond his star client.

Belichick clearly felt Guerrero was becoming a bit too close to the daily operations of the team, and in fact he likely still feels that way.

Brady skirted a similar question when asked about Guerrero on the same station.

Before Brady made him his business partner, Guerrero had been sanctioned by federal regulators for falsely presenting himself as a medical doctor and deceptively promoting nutritional supplements, according to government records.

Unfortunately, knowing the Patriots, we'll probably never know Belichick's reason for stripping Guerrero of his privileges. Players who have continued to seek Guerrero's treatment at the TB12 center and have been permitted to do so. With Guerrero effectively involved in the health and training practices of much of the team, it's not unusual for him and the Patriots medical and training staff to differ, according to sources. "What am I supposed to do?"

The trainer, Alex Guerrero, is a close friend of Brady's as well as a business partner who helped launch the TB12 Center, where Brady and several other Patriots players have trained and received treatment since its start in 2013.

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