Pope, UN, EU, others criticize Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as capital

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, former Vatican envoy to the U.N.in Geneva, said any move away from the Status Quo in Jerusalem "could have unforeseen consequences".

Trump is undermining worldwide stability with his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the US embassy there, the leader of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) said yesterday. While he said it was hard to predict the consequences, he said he feared "we will continue to see this tragedy of violence, destruction" and the forced movement of refugees, adding that "simple people, normal families will pay the highest price".

The Pope made comments to a group of visiting Palestinians involved in inter-religious dialogue with the Vatican.

Weighing in on the controversial decision, the pontiff made a "heartfelt appeal" to all nations to "respect [Jerusalem's] status quo, in conformity with the pertinent United Nations resolutions", as cited by Vatican Radio.

The leader of the world's Roman Catholics is imploring President Donald Trump to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Reuters reports.

Within minutes of Mr. Trump's speech, in which he said the American Embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Mr. Guterres delivered what amounted to a diplomatic rebuke.

Since the early 1990s, the Vatican has seen as separate issues the need for a special status for the city and questions over the political sovereignty or control of Jerusalem.

He said he hoped "wisdom and prudence prevail, in order to avoid adding new elements of tension to a global panorama that is already convulsed and marked by so many and cruel conflicts". He spoke of dialogue between religions "and also in civil society".

"Dialogue is the source of greater mutual knowledge, greater mutual esteem and cooperation in the pursuit of the common good, and generous cooperation in ensuring that those in need receive all necessary assistance", Pope Francis said.

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