PUBG's new desert map named and detailed

PUBG's new desert map named and detailed

PUBG's new desert map named and detailed

I feel like I shouldn't have to append this piece with a warning, but I also feel like Xbox Australia might have underestimated how fucking bonkers some of you PUBG fans are so, please, best behaviour okay? When we chose to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel. The Steam page post goes into more detail about their backgrounds and terrain. Numerous construction sites can also provide players with high vantage points.

Miramar will feature eight distinct locations: Los Leones, El Pozo, Monte Nuevo, Valle del Mar, La Cobreri, San Martin, Pecado and Chumacera. The screenshot below shows the Aquarail off the coast of the desert landscape of Miramar, offering up yet another look at the PUBG desert map we're so tantalizingly close to checking out for ourselves in PUBG 1.0's third wave of testing.

PUBG arrives on Xbox One Game Preview on December 12.

In between Miramar's towns are rolling hills, rocky mountains, isolated buildings, and other interesting locations such as a cemetery, junkyard, military camp, trailer park, water treatment plant, and prison.

The first title is in development from Tencent Timi Studio, and it's been the most widely-circulated online over the last few days, showing off motorboats, helicopters, and more.

On top of the new terrain and locales, players will see freshly implemented weapons, vehicles, and other content in PUBG's desert map.

The map is named Miramar, and unlike Erangel's very green and woodland environment, the new one is situated in a desert. The list includes brand new Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles, Xbox Elite controllers, membership codes to Xbox Live, and digital download codes for the game itself.

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