Remains of three missing boys may have been found

Image courtesy of WLNS

Image courtesy of WLNS

"It was an unkempt house".

The evicted tenant is a person of interest, though not a suspect.

Besides human remains, the warrant sought, but didn't find, clothes or personal items belonging to the children, weapons or other instruments that could have been used in a homicide, or containers used to transfer human remains. Inside was a horrific discovery - human bones.

According to NBC Montana, a cleaning crew found the box of remains while cleaning a home after a tenant was evicted. "There were also rocks, in this box", said Missoula Police spokesman Sgt. Travis Welsh. Police previously said they believed he killed the boys.

"Nothing we've been able to connect them to yet", Welsh said.

It's not known whether the children whose remains were discovered were boys and whether they were related, police say. And the thing is, we don't know that this particular case is isolated to the city of Missoula.

Missoula, Montana, authorities recovered a box containing the teeth and skeletal remains of three boys, which could possibly be three brothers who disappeared in 2010.

The disappearances of the Skelton boys remain a mystery that authorities in MI have vowed to solve. So far they told News 10 they don't have anything linking the remains to the missing Skelton brothers.

On Thursday night, Tanya Zuvers, the missing MI boys' mother, posted about the news out of Montana on Facebook.

"This information has just been presented to our family within the last several hours", she wrote. "But we don't want to give people any false sense of hope out there when it really hasn't been warranted yet either", Brewer said. "We are thankful for all your thoughts and prayers".

Ms. Stevens has a son who works regularly with Ms. Zuvers.

ABC7 reports that the Michigan State Police stated they're working with Montana authorities to determine if the remains found are indeed of Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton, three boys who disappeared after spending Thanksgiving with their father in Morenci, a town on the line OH and Michigan state line. When Skelton did not return the kids the next day, Zuvers called the police. The boys had been visiting their father for the holiday.

The brothers were last seen in his backyard on the day they were supposed to be returned to their mother. He later changed his story, saying he had given them to an organization to protect them from their mother.

In 1998, Zuvers, then 32, had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual conduct. "It's disgusting", she said. But Zuvers maintained she never abused or assaulted her own children.

Alexander, Andrew, and Tanner Skelton.

The boys' father, John Skelton, was sentenced in 2011 to 10 to 15 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment. "Your explanations have been ridiculous, albeit more sad than anything else".

Police urge those with tips contact them at or 517-636-0689.

Skelton has given conflicting accounts of what happened to his children, including giving them to a stranger to keep them away from his wife.

But charges were never filed.

"I hope it's not them".

A University of Montana anthropology professor also determined they were "likely modern and not archaeological".

"I never saw any police officers over there". The inspector told police she felt the man had a "surveillance camera set up to alert him to the presence" of visitors.

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