Sensex surges 300 points as markets welcome exit poll predictions

In Gujarat NOTA and Independents have 118,837 votes better than the number of votes polled by several parties

In Gujarat NOTA and Independents have 118,837 votes better than the number of votes polled by several parties

According to exit polls, GST and demonetisation did not affect BJP's chances in urban areas as the party is predicted to win 42 out of the 55 seats of urban Gujarat.

India Today and Zee News give 99-113 seats to the BJP and 68-82 seats to the Congress; Times Now and Republic give 108-109 seats to the BJP and 70-71 seats to the Congress; ABP gives BJP 91-99 seats, Congress 78-86 seats. The BJP is likely to get 50 per cent of the vote share, while the Congress would get 41 per cent and others would bag about nine per cent of the electorate. The three are seen as the safe seats for the BJP.

This is likely to be a positive push for the Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party as it starts taking steps in the right direction under the new party leadership by denting the vote share of the ruling BJP in the home state of the party's star campaigner Narendra Modi. The final results will be out on December 18.

Several exit polls also suggest the BJP to rout the Congress in Himachal Pradesh. The ABP-CSDS survey poll predicts that the BJP will get 117 seats and the Congress 64, numbers that are nearly identical to that of 2012 Assembly Election. Congress is like to win 9-13 seats with 40 per cent vote share. Today's Chanakya projects 135 seats for the BJP and only 47 for Congress.

The only disappointment for the party is that it might not meet its president Amit Shah's target of 150 seats in Gujarat.

Incidentally, based on Thursday's exit polls the pricing in the betting market was vying on 92-94 seats for BJP and 90-92 seats for Congress. In the 2012 election, the Congress came to power by winning 36 seats, while the BJP got 26 seats and others bagged the remaining six.

According to ABP-CSDS survey, in Saurashtra, the BJP will win 31-37 seats and the Congress may get 16-22 seats.

In the first phase of polls held last Saturday for 89 seats in Saurasthra, Kutch and South Gujarat, 66.75% of eligible electors had cast their votes. Gujarat has about 4.33 crore eligible voters, and saw a contest over 182 seats, in which 1,828 candidates fought it out.

The turnout in Ahmedabad was 69.16% in 2012 elections, and 58.24% in the 2007 assembly elections.

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