WWE Wrestler Rich Swann suspended following arrest in Gainesville

WWE Wrestler Rich Swann suspended following arrest in Gainesville

WWE Wrestler Rich Swann suspended following arrest in Gainesville

To say that this is a shocking turn of events for fans is putting it mildly, as Swann is generally one of the most beloved members of the cruiserweight roster, and delights audiences with his flashy, upbeat character.

Swann will have his initial appearance in court on Monday where he is now being held without bail.

WWE wrestler Rich Swann flashed high-flying moves and a big smile in the ring.

Swann signed with WWE's NXT product after a standout appearance in the Crusierweight Classic in 2016.

Swann made his WWE television debut in January 2016, and would go on to participate in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament that was held during the summer of a year ago.

Despite claims by Swann that he did not physically touch Riggs, with the details that have been revealed about the incident, it does not look good for the high-flying, dancing WWE entertainer. Swann has been a steady fixture on the show since. No attorney is listed in county records.

As a result, Swann was charged with battery and false imprisonment of an adult as a result of not letting her exit the vehicle.

The arrest report has indicated that Swann and Riggs were involved in an argument after Riggs had competed in a wrestling match in Gainesville.

In a police report filed Sunday, witnesses stated seeing Swann jump out of a vehicle he was driving and ultimately chased fellow female wrestler and wife of nine months Vannarah Riggs (who goes by Su Yung) back into his auto after an argument over her earlier wrestling match. [Swann] was critiquing [Su Yung's] performance and began getting angry with her. [Su Yung] got scared that the argument was going to escalate and got out of the auto in the area of 2400 SE Hawthorne Rd.

Swann allegedly stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic.

At some point, according to the arrest report, she got out of the auto saying she was getting scared because Swann was becoming more angry at her.

Swann told officers that he didn't touch his wife and that she got into the vehicle on her own. The auto would hit a telephone pole on the corner of NE 15th street and E University Avenue.

A witness told police that Riggs jumped out of Swann's slowly moving auto.

The kidnapping and false imprisonment charges could have Swann doing up to five years in prison and paying a $5,000 fine, as its a third-degree felony.

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