Young rapper and grandma become best friends over Words with Friends

Young man meets woman, 86, he'd been playing Words With Friends with for a year

These Two Cuties Met Playing Words With Friends And Now They're Friends IRL

Spencer Sleyon is a young rapper who goes by the name Half Empty, and his new best friend is an 81-year-old woman in Florida named Roz.

After connecting through the online game, Spencer said he and Roz had played more than 300 matches together.

Spencer, who lives in Harlem, started playing Roz on Words with Friends last summer. Find out more in the video above.

Sleyon tweeted a photo with Guttman on December 1, which has been retweeted more than 240,000 times and received more than 1 million likes as of December 5.

Despite their 64-year age gap and the fact they didn't know each other, Spencer and Roz began mentally jousting on the online Scrabble-like game - and each refused to back down from the other's offer of a rematch.

The 22-year-old shared photos of the real-life encounter on Twitter, with the caption: "So last summer I randomly met this 80 y/o on Words With Friends".

The two were brought together by Rev. Amy Butler, a New York City pastor and the mother of a friend of Sleyon's.

"She came to me weeks later and asked me how would I be interested in going to Florida for a day to meet her", Sleyon said. Ms Butler arranged for the pair to meet face-to-face in West Palm Beach.

Butler then chose to bring the two together, coordinating the meeting and flying down to Florida with Sleyon. Their first meet and greet was as sweet as you can imagine.

Here's to Sleyon, Guttman and great friendships-and all of the unlikely places from which they spring.

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