Amazon Alexa Could Make These Smart Glasses Way Better Than Google Glass

Amazon Alexa Could Make These Smart Glasses Way Better Than Google Glass

Amazon Alexa Could Make These Smart Glasses Way Better Than Google Glass

Although the concept sounds like the future of driving technology, cars will not be able to use voice assistants for an entirely autonomous driving experience.

Now if only Toyota would add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well.

Toyota isn't the first automaker to announce plans to integrate Amazon Alexa.

But where motorists typically have to learn fairly rigid voice commands to operate the onboard enTune system, Alexa can understand and respond to much more natural speech, while also offering a much wider array of services and functions. They also more closely resemble normal glasses, although Vuzix's eyewear is still noticeably thicker than standard prescription glasses.

Toyota suggests a number of ways users could use Alexa in the vehicle, such as for taking notes and setting reminders, activating apps, or for controlling other smart devices, such as the heating and cooling on your house.

The addition of Amazon Alexa on Acer, Asus, and HP computers poses a major challenge to Microsoft's own Cortana, which the company has integrated into its Windows operating system. Forward looking statements contained in this release relate to Amazon Alexa and the Company's leadership in the Video Eyewear, VR and AR display industry.

Amazon confirmed Vuzix's claim of being first with Alexa-backed AR smart glasses and said it is "excited about the potential of the glasses and the ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way".

Alexa is also making its way deeper into the realm of Microsoft's Cortana.

But Amazon is leading the race to make software that can control other machines.

At £20/$20 a pair, the Echo Buttons are priced at impulse-purchase territory, but the relative lack of Alexa Skills that they can be paired with is stopping them from really taking off.

This move certainly hasn't escaped Google's attention and considering its efforts to spread the Google Assistant everywhere, it's certainly going to bring a response.

Other devices seemed to extend the definition of smart home to new corners.

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