Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner Continues His Standoff With Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana

Under Jeff Sessions Gun Prosecutions Rise

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One tweet later, one policy later, a complete reversal of what many of us were told on the hill before the confirmation, what we continued to believe the previous year.

Baker, who did not support the ballot initiative that brought legal marijuana to MA, added that it has the support of the people, and that he would tell Lelling he should "recognize and understand that the voters of MA voted to create a legal, regulated recreational marijuana market here in the commonwealth".

In response to the DOJ's policy change, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Association called on Arkansas's congressional delegation to reauthorize Rohrabacher-Blumenauer. "We were told that by then-candidate Donald Trump", he said during his speech Thursday.

"I don't see us expanding to recreational or legalization in any way, shape or form", said West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael on Friday at a panel hosted by the West Virginia Press Association. That includes workers at all ends of the marijuana supply chain, from farmers to transporters to sellers.

Sessions has the power to replace attorneys who don't enforce marijuana laws with those who will. The accelerating trend of states approving marijuana for medical and recreational purposes may be getting ahead of the science to support it, they say. The same Sessions who once said he thought the Ku Klux Klan were okay till he found out they smoked pot. Eight states - Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington - also have legalized sale and possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana. California, the world's largest market, started its recreational sales on January 1.

A similar ban already exists for medical marijuana. In the three states where adult use has been legal for the longest period of time - Colorado, Washington and OR - there had been a combined total of $1.3 billion in tax receipts, according to the study.

Cannabis-loving Trump fans might be experiencing buyer's remorse, but it's too early to say whether that could make a difference at the voting polls, Miron said.

Eight states, including MA, have legalized recreational marijuana use and MA has had medical marijuana use since 2012.

The decision has been pilloried by the cannabis industry, which argued that Sessions is trying to stop the momentum of a growing business and restart the war on drugs. And some Republicans in Congress have also slammed the decision.

U.S. Attorney Halsey Frank issued a statement about his office's drug prosecution priorities less than a week after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama administration policy under which states, including ME, legalized marijuana for recreational use without fear of prosecution from the Department of Justice.

Sessions' move shouldn't have an impact on the state's new program in the short term because an amendment in the federal budget bars the Department of Justice from spending any money to go after state's medical marijuana program.

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