FCC's Ajit Pai cancels CES appearance following 'death threats' over net neutrality

After a meeting voting to end net neutrality Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai answers a question from a reporter Thursday Dec. 14 2017 in Washington

FCC's Ajit Pai cancels CES appearance following 'death threats' over net neutrality

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai reportedly canceled an appearance at a tech event over death threats.

The death threat reason for the cancellation was confirmed to Recode by two agency sources.

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not immediately respond to Recode, a spokesperson for the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the event, declined to comment, and an FCC spokesman for Pai said the agency does "not comment on security measures or concerns".

With less than a week before this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Chairman of the Federal Communications Comission Ajit Pai has chose to bail on a scheduled appearance.

This would have marked the first time Pai appeared at the annual trade show as chairman of the FCC. He had to halt his controversial vote to scrap the USA government's net neutrality rules in December after a bomb threat.

Net neutrality supporters have vowed to continue to fight for protections.

Three other FCC commissioners, as well as the acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, are still expected to attend.

Before the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality in December, chairman Ajit Pai made numerous public appearances aimed at contemptuously mocking those who disagree with his proposals-that is, the vast majority of Americans.

Pai has previously said net neutrality were "a mistake" and he favoured a 'light touch" regime of regulation that would "not stifle innovation'.

But the U-turn on the rules faces legal challenges, including one led by New York's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman.

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