First in-screen fingerprint sensor announced in a smartphone

Vivo mobile phone with Synaptics in-display fingerprint sensor

Vivo mobile phone with Synaptics in-display fingerprint sensor | Image courtesy Synaptics

After more than a year of development, Synaptics' optical solutions of in-display fingerprint sensing have the chance to enter mass production due to the increasing yield rate of Synaptics and other related companies.

Back in December we heard that Synpatics in display fingerprint scanner had entered production and now Vivo has shown off a new smartphone with the technology at CES. "It will be realized more subtly under the screen, behind the metal shell, or even in the frame", Vivo told Engadget in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of MWC, Shanghai. Vivo usually pops up on our radar when it shows up at a trade show with a "first ever" feature on smartphones. The phone's OLED display panel illuminates the fingerprint which is them read by the sensor.

The Chinese firm had announced previous year that they had developed the "in-display fingerprint scanning" technology for a prototype phone in China. Leading with distinct innovative breakthroughs, the in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone offers its consumers an unprecedented mobile experience, defining a new era of mobile interaction.

Fingerprint sensors will still be the first choice for most Android phones in 2018, since other biometric authentication methods available for Android phone-makers can not completely replace fingerprint identification yet.

As you touch the screen, the lit-up fingerprint is then reflected into an in-display fingerprint sensor which is then authenticated. The prototype of the Vivo's under-display fingerprint technology includes Synaptics in-display fingerprint reader. Place your finger there, wait for a split second and the phone will unlock with a cool animation taking place. Fingerprint sensor is prone to that and it is not a big secret that placing it under the display makes flawless sense.

As the fingerprint scanner is built into the display there's no need for a physical home key on the front of the phone, which means this Vivo handset has slender bezels above and below the large screen. "Today's showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience".

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