Fisherman Sues Speedboat Driver Who Crashed Into His Vessel


The fisherman and his two pals leaped from this boat to avoid the crash

A video of a crash last summer in OR is going viral; it shows a motorboat plowing into a fishing boat with three individuals onboard.

The video, which was later posted to Facebook, sees Larsen's 31-foot motorboat speeding towards the fishing boat which is stationary, a passenger in Maess" boat frantically waves his arms and screams "hey' to try and gain the driver's attention.

A salmon fisherman who had to jump into the water along with other passengers to save his life is now suing a motorboat driver after his vessel crashed into his. But police said that one of Larsen's passengers alleged that the man was talking on his cell phone seconds before the accident.

Larson told the Oregonian that he was not using his cell phone and said he couldn't see where he was driving because the dash of his boat was blocking his view while he was sitting down.

The crash was caught by GoPro cameras mounted on the Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine team's boat. Larsen uses a motorized scooter for transportation on land, and conceded to police that he should have been standing while he was driving the boat.

Although Oregon law heavily restricts cell phone use while driving, there are no such specific laws governing boating.

Three people on a fishing boat barely escaped certain tragedy just before a speeding motorboat rammed into the much smaller fishing boat in Oregon's Columbia River.

Maess says he suffered injuries to his ankle, leg and arm during the incident. He also pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault and reckless endangerment for the lives of others. The two other passengers also suffered injuries. McMahon and Durham have yet to file a suit against Larsen, but their attorneys say they plan to. Durham's lawyer, Josh Lamborn, said his client has suffered psychological trauma and hasn't been able to go back out on a boat since the crash.

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