Haj house repainted after protest, police station in Lucknow turns saffron

After UP Haj House wall Lucknow police station painted saffron

Haj house repainted after protest, police station in Lucknow turns saffron

Yogi Adityanath, who is always seen in saffron and is referred to as Maharajji by his followers, is known for his predilection for the colour and appears to surround himself with it wherever he travels. The committee accused the contractor for choosing the wrong colour and said that it was not intentionally done.

Singh said the wall is now repainted in cream.

The press release says that in the name of Hindutva, anarchy and lawlessness have taken over the country.

Taking a U-turn on the issue of painting the boundary wall of UP State Haj Committee office in saffron, the state government got it repainted in white to dilute the saffron tinge here on Saturday.

An Islamic cleric on Friday addressed the controversy over the exterior of Lucknow's Haj House being painted saffron, and said that things that "hurt the sentiments of Muslims" should not be done, reported news agency ANI.

The work was done by the UP estates department late on Thursday night and the Haj office staff was not immediately available for a reaction, Friday being a holiday.

Saffron colour is majorly related with the Hinduism and also associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

The move prompted the opposition Samajwadi Party to accuse the BJP government of indulging in "blatant saffronisation". "If the BJP really considers the saffron colour as sacrosanct, it should not indulge in the politicisation of the colour and indulge in blatant saffronisation", SP spokesman Sunil Singh Sajan was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Another committee member said on the condition of anonymity that "someone from Delhi" asked Adityanath to restore the previous colour scheme. Is saffron an anti-national colour?

The Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Mohsin Raza, came out with a statement defending the move. Walls were repainted with light saffron colour on Saturday to take off the bright saffron colour.

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