Harvey Weinstein slapped in face in restaurant in Arizona

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein slapped in face in restaurant in Arizona

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was attacked at a Paradise Valley restaurant Tuesday night, according to TMZ.

The video shows the man walking up to Weinstein and saying, 'You're such a piece of s-- for what you did to these women, ' and slapping him in the face twice. But the restaurant's manager said he was "very sweet about it" and replied: 'I'd rather not take a picture right now.' It is understood Weinstein did not get police involved. Both sat back down, and Steve admitted to TMZ that he then had "quite a bit to drink" and chose to have his friend film him as he approached Weinstein again. Steve claimed Weinstein was belligerent, but TMZ audio suggests that's not the case.

Weinstein reportedly declined to have the police called about the incident.

The man seen trying to cover up the camera here is reportedly Weinstein's sobriety coach at the rehab centre he's attending in Scottsdale.

When Weinstein and the coach got up to leave, the other diner told his friend to start filming what was about to occur, TMZ reported. Around 9 pm, Steve and his male friend were leaving the restaurant, and he wandered over again to his table drunk after having too many drinks. Steve's companion filmed the incident, which you can watch below, which shows Steve delivering two backhanded slaps to the face while berating Weinstein.

Weinstein is under investigation by authorities in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and London.

Hollywood was rocked by allegations against Weinstein towards the end of 2017 when a large number of women came forward to say they were sexually harassed by the movie mogul - allegations he initially denied.

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